whats up im Dave Strider (yes thats my actual name)
lots of peeps also call me Crow, or like, any number of nicknames/ kin names/ etc.
i have access to so many fancy fuckin fonts on here but still no comic sans im so sad

im not too sure what to put here bc frankly i am a cryptid but yknow. im 23 (bday is Jan 24th), trans and nonbinary (he/they), and have been on hrt since 8/24/18. im like dude lacroix.

i also like to draw from time to time. been fighting off some wicked art block though.

anyway, some of my big interests are Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, Dead Cells, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, LoZ, and Homestuck. i also love chickens and cats, theyre funky little lads

heres all my social media links, there are two tumblrs listed because the second one is my art blog.
you can also message me to ask me for my discord if you want


alright here we go
so like firstly Dave is my most complex kin i got goin on (Link too but like you can kinda get that. LoZ timeline feels, right?), so i made a separate page to address that.

the first six are my most prominent kins and the rest are still there kickin' it with the best of em. by "more/ less prominent" i basically just mean like... less prominent kins have a lil bit of a weaker connection/ usually dont come into shift quite as often as stronger kins do.

Kinhearted/ Synpaths
i strongly associate with and/or relate to these characters in some way but i dont carry a spiritual connection to them.

One-man Strider party

so firstly this shit is gonna make a lot less sense if you havent read or at least know some of the homestuck epilogues. but like. i have been familiar with the sense/ feeling of an Ultimate Self long before, it just wasnt til the epilogues that i had a solid explanation.

ive felt a connection to an endless array of timelines and potentialities that i, for the longest time, honestly just passed off as some weird cross between "time player bullshit" and "sprite/ squaredsprite shenanigans," but my third eye hath been cracked way the fuck open. thanks obama.

Ultimate Dave (or Davebot) is the united whole of all my existences. essentially everybody you see here and beyond. every Dave, Davesprite, Alpha Dave, Davepeta^2, Nepeta, etc...

i also connect with AU versions of Dave, such as kidswaps, speciesswaps, etc.

sidenote, i dont really identify as Nepeta, but i still carry a connection to her.